Meditate and reflect on your feelings with friends.

Friendship and social connection are huge pieces of people’s support system, especially during difficult times. Our goal with the Headspace Mini was to build a safe space for Snapchatters to support each others’ mental well-being through awareness, meditation and connection. We built a mini version of Headspace in a few months, which was available to anyone completely free through a platform they love and trust.


Product Design
Creative Direction


Snapchat x Headspace

Snapchat users tend to respond better to visuals than words, so the layout relied on large tappable areas and playful visuals. To ensure users engaged with the Headspace mini regularly, I focussed on removing any unnecessary steps, allowing users to dive into a meditation or share stickers with just one tap.

Fun and vibrant.

When the going gets tough, teens and young adults turn to their friends and family - for support, guidance, and comfort. I tried to keep the UI as minimalistic as possible so as not to get in the way of the safe, anonymous space to learn and talk about mental health issues.

It’s about friends, not influencers.

Unique sessions

snap users used the Headspace Mini within the first 30 days of launch.

Meditation PLAYS

avg number of meditations listened to daily, 3% go on to share it with friends.

BRAND SCORE increased
11 pts

were added to Headspace’s semantic brand score within the first 3 months of launch.

IN the press
70 articles

were published by global media outlets, totalling over 500m impressions.


Brian Lee
Tyler Hoehne
Cha Christine
Sam Williams